Our Story

It started in one of the most hidden and peculiar spots in Rome: the Coppedè quarter. Surrounded by those facades, that seem to whisper about history to the lucky ones passing by, four Travelers-to-be met with the idea of building up something new. Something entirely innovative, for the sleepy night scene of Rome… and not only. Then, between a Negroni and a carbonara, the idea pops up...

The New Tiki Renaissance

MAKAI Surf &Tiki Bar is born at the crossroad between exotic inspiration and mixology, in one word, Tiki culture. From here stems our commitment towards this tradition, which binds us to the warmest hospitality with our customers.
MAKAI is an ever-changing place of creativity, where you’ll slow down and relax, far from the fuss of your everyday routine. It’s a format oriented to an international public, embracing diversity, for all those ready to launch themselves towards new tasting and sensorial experiences.

Secret Tiki Bar - Tropical Speakeasy

“I went down, offering you my arm, at least one million stairs”.
Eugenio Montale in 1967 dedicated to his wife Drusilla Tanzi these splendid verses.
About half a century later, the concept of “secret bar” makes way in Rome, and “going down the stairs” thousands of regulars have discovered this new way of living a familiar place like a bar...

Ostiense District

From NYC to Berlin, passing through Rome, there is a new unstoppable vibe in street art.
Street art is the term used to describe all those forms of art that find their place in public areas, often illegally and through diverse techniques ranging from spray, to artistic stickers, from video projections to sculptures and much else...