Secret Tiki Bar - Tropical Speakeasy

“I went down, offering you my arm, at least one million stairs”.
Eugenio Montale in 1967 dedicated to his wife Drusilla Tanzi these splendid verses.
About half a century later, the concept of “secret bar” makes way in Rome, and “going down the stairs” thousands of regulars have discovered this new way of living a familiar place like a bar.
This is how in the capital Prohibition-inspired bars are born, which you can access through abandoned cold rooms, wardrobes, vending machines, abandoned in corners of the main “coverage” bar. The idea is to imitate what used to happen in the States when, through the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act (1919), producing and consuming alcohol was strictly forbidden.
Polynesian pop culture places itself in the latter timeframe covered by this ban, and, “offering us her arm”, accompanies us towards the early post-Prohibition, where we can find an explosion of colors and emotions diametrically opposite to the austere environments of the bars of the twenties.
Our Secret Tiki Bar wants to strike a perfect balance between being a jewel to be kept hidden away from indiscrete looks, and a place of fun for everyone, where excessive seriousness, mustaches, braces and sleeve-holders can be left where they properly belong: the last century.