Tiki Restaurant

An oasis of peace within the Ostiense district in Rome, Makai bar is defined “el Isla de Pascua” – Hanga Roa.

Inspired by the Southern Seas, its Tiki Restaurant, creative and ever-evolving, will slow down and relax the fast pace of metropolitan life.

In a scenographic and selfie-proof location, you’ll get in touch with the intense flavors of the Pacific. Here the Japanese, Mexican and US West Coast cultures merge with Hawaii, giving life to a cuisine that interprets typical dishes of those traditions in a Makai-styled exotic key.

A format that wants to address an international public, which embraces diversity and is ready to try new tasting and sensory experiences. The new menu will surprise you with a new and diverse range of dishes: classics like sushi, tacos, tartares, burritos, poke salads, will be revisited through our tropical touch. Besides, everyday our chef’s inspiration will tackle traditional pastry-making, in an explosion of quality ingredients, exotic fruit and creativity.