Our Story

Victor Jules Bergeron Jr., choosing his nickname, went for “ trader”.
Indeed, like old times traders he journeyed to discover new lands, source of inspiration for his job: mixology.
And exactly as a Journey we can describe the experience we decided to embark on in summer 2016.
It started in one of the most hidden and peculiar spots in Rome: the Coppedè quarter. Surrounded by those facades, that seem to whisper about history to the lucky ones passing by, four Travelers-to-be met with the idea of building up something new. Something entirely innovative, for the sleepy night scene of Rome… and not only. Then, between a Negroni and a carbonara, the idea pops up.
The Journey continues in another key area of the eternal city, Ostiense, which, with its touch of tradition (Garbatella is just in front) and multi-culture (Blu’s artwork), turns up being the perfect spot to put ideas to practice.
Another fundamental step is Bologna, where maestro Daniele Dalla Pola gives his personal blessing to our Travelers, finally about to start their Journey.
Now that the Ship is set to leave port, the bow turns South West, where, sailing through the Ocean, our Four now see before them the Canary Islands, land of Surf, that very Surf that inspires the first area of the bar.
Time to cross the Ocean now, further West they go, until the Caribbean, where they stop to stock up some Rum, fundamental to quench the thirst of the beating heart of their creature: the Tiki Bar.
After passing Panama, and briefly stopping by in California, where Surf and Tiki merge, the Travelers redraw their course, Wind at their back and Sun high in the Sky: Polynesia awaits.
It’s there that right from the start they wanted to get, and now mighty Moais welcome the Four, now true traders.
Alessio, Camillo, Alessandro e Marco, these their names, together with their crew (Jacopo, Lorenzo, Sabrina and Daniele), have reached the origins of Tiki, primitive constellation of Isles, created by a superior Being, stardust in the Ocean biggest of all: the Pacific, that Pacific that for most represents the end of the Journey.
However, if you happen to go to Makai, and to talk to one of its traders, it will be clear in a moment that actually, this, is just the beginning of their very own Journey…